Forex Trading Tips for Beginners – Survive the Foreign Exchange Market

Don’t trust forex trading tips just because they are complicated

maze-forex trading tips for beginnersUseful forex trading tips for beginners tend to focus on money management, risk control and making use of simple indicators. Most of these tips however are presented with inadequate information. Traders often have questions about these tips, and using them in actual trading is never straightforward. Some good forex trading tips for beginners focus on picking entry points in the market. And traders find that much more exciting that money management tips, yet they are both important. Traders who manage to learn forex trading well, and advance their techniques, tend to twist and modify all of these tips. Using any tip, in its rudimentary form alone, is not of much help in real trading. Then, there is a whole category of trading tips, which many beginners follow, unbeknownst to them that they are wrong. The use of tight stops for example, is a totally misleading and wrong tip. This is because this old and wrong trading tip fails to deal with probabilities of certain events occurring. Backtesting of trading tips is difficult, if not impossible. Though the one on using tight stops is an exception, it’s easy to figure out that tight stops do not really provide any meaningful protection in actual trading.

Forex trading tips for beginners – Tip #1

time and money-forex trading tips for beginnersThe first tip in the list of Forex trading tips for beginners is investing time and money in the process of learning about Forex trading and enhancing Forex trading skill set. If you manage to undergo a good Forex trading course which helps you in eliminating the beginner mistakes, that alone will pay for your education. Some Forex trading courses are available for free while some provide more personalized content which may require a payment of fee.

Coming up with a good Forex trading plan

trading plan-forex trading tips for beginnersDeveloping a Forex trading plan well beforehand is one of the most important Forex trading tips for beginners. It is a big distinguishing factor between a successful and non successful Forex trader. This is not an easy task and requires a proper amount of time to develop your trading plan considering your trading style and the conditions of trading. Almost all successful traders trade with a complete plan and they do not trade Forex randomly. Developing a successful trading plan and sticking to it is important one when we talk about a successful career in Forex trading.

Development of trading discipline

One of the most important Forex trading tips for beginners is the development of trading discipline which has to be followed at every part of trading career. A strict discipline is required when you follow a trading plan and it should stand up against the emotions of fear and greed. No plan will be successful if not followed with discipline and that is a big secret for success in Forex trading.

Apply good money management techniques

money management- forex trading tips for beginnersHow effectively you manage your capital in trading is a big determinant of success as Forex trader. This typically involves sizing your positions appropriately against the market risks considering risk tolerance ability, portfolio size and expectations of profitability. With proper money management it is possible to minimize the risks of trading to a great level and that helps in building a profitable career in Forex trading.

Forex Trading Tips for Beginners – Bonus Tip

Some of the best forex trading tips for beginners are the use of LSS weekly and daily pivots, and the use of the Value Area. The Value Area is more for day traders, whereas the LSS extends out to any time frame, so that even position and full swing traders can use it. Any good forex trading course will probably teach LSS pivot theory and use, to some depth. And if the entire range of forex training provided in that course is extensive enough, it will debunk many bad tips as well.

Generally speaking, beginners can achieve good trading relatively fast. But they have to deal with psychological pressures, fear, and be bold enough to bend or even break established trading rules. Most of these rules and tips, are either right or wrong, depending on how they are used. The LSS pivot theory and Value Area prize zone, are two concepts whose way of using is not rigorously defined. Both of these concepts are used to figure out support and resistance levels in the market. And they can still be confusing, because even though price moves beyond a pivot level, and the support becomes resistance (or vice versa). That price breakout beyond the pivot level is a signal that will be good for a finite amount of time only. Maybe for as little as 30 minutes. Beginners need to realize that if the trading day in question is bound to be a sideways day, then all these pivots will have time-limited impact. And when a pivot is no longer relevant, it can be breached again, possibly invalidating the previous signal.

Price however does move a lot between pivots, even on sideways days. So much so that traders can make good profits and good use of their trading time.

To summarize

Forex trading is a popular way of financial trading done with foreign currencies exchange. Though understanding Forex is not a big deal, development of skills and discipline needed for trading currencies is necessary. It takes time for a novice to establish if he manages to succeed all the obstacles. There are various Forex trading tips for beginners which can really help the novice traders to establish fast as successful traders. Here are some of the most important ones.